About us




We are Marc and Hermien Oldeman, both 44 years old (2016).

Married on the island in March 2016.

We have 2 dogs (Tjabbo and Boots) and no children. We are a quiet bunch and love socialising with friends, family and guests. Other hobbies that we have is wine tasting, hiking, travel and geocaching.

Since February 2014 we live on this beautiful island. We are here at the time, come to start up a, wine-growing company, Curacao winery. The first vineyard of Curacao. The plants grew well and all the inhabitants of the island and the tourists thought it was just such a wonderful plan if that we ourselves have to say. Unfortunately, we encountered much opposition from the Government after 1.5 years and the landlord of the Manor House and the ground. As a result, we were forced to stop with this wonderful project. To the great regret of (almost) everyone. Though we still have the first Curaçao wine on the market, Dushi Blanku and Dushi Kora! Here we are very proud of.

Fortunately we heard at that time that B & B Hacienda La Bougainville was looking for new owners for the b & b. In Netherlands, we also run a bed and breakfast and 7 years on country house Hato we also had 4 rooms that we as b & b rooms for rent. So for us it is not new. 

B & B is for us that every one enjoys his vacation on its own way in a homely, relaxed atmosphere with personal attention and tips to the island well. Here we do everything to make that for you.

Through our years of experience with the vine and the wine making and because we have Dutch wine of vineyard Court twente can we interest also organize a wine tasting with appetizers for you as a wine lover.