Car Rental: Explore Curaçao by car

An indispensable part of a successful holiday on Curaçao is a car to be able to discover the beautiful island. Unlike many other holiday destinations where the attractions and entertainment are concentrated in one place, is on Curaçao and experience.

From North to South and from East to west. That means that you are a reliable means of transport, all the more so because public transport is not in all places and time consuming and warm activity is at this tropical temperatures.

We work together with in principle Verwoerd car rental, a good and reliable rental company with (almost) new cars and a good personal service. He delivers the car to us and persuades him to the end of your holiday.
Would you prefer a car from the airport have settled or are you looking for a different model car then we can also be of service to you. Make your wishes known to us and we will be happy to help you to make the right choice.

When we have a car for you at Verwoerd arrange car rental we will be happy to pick up from the airport for 50 euro (return). 

The taxi fare for a single ride to us, you will be charged a minimum of $50.

*Upon request, type of car can be subject to changes